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How to fit Carpet Underlay

Carpet underlay is neither hard nor time consuming to fit. We have produced a guide to fitting carpet underlay and will be adding sections to the guide in due course. As a lot of our customers have bought their underlay from us, we have produced this free to use guide to DIY carpet underlay fitting.

Tip 1: Ensure that the room is completely empty and all the old floor covering has been uplifted. It will save you time and effort in the long run.

Here we have a room that has a small recess and doorway in it. Simply roll out the carpet underlay across the width of the room. The small recess will be filled in later.

Cut the underlay of the roll with enough excess to go up the skirting board and through the doorway. Once the roll has been cut, pull back the carpet underlay onto itself and cut the underlay so that the flap goes into the doorway as the next image shows and the underlay just touches the end of the carpet gripper.

Flap the underlay through the doorway and then trim the underlay to the carpet gripper. This is not as difficult as many people imagine and is easily achieved.

Tip 2: It will also save you a lot of time and effort using brand new knife blades and produce a much cleaner and easier cut.

Now start cutting in, simply use the edge of the carpet gripper as a guide, and pull the knife slowly along the edge of the gripper which means that you are going to have cut the underlay to a tight fit to the edge of the carpet gripper.

Tip 3: Use the carpet gripper as a guide for your knife to ensure a neat cut.

To fix the Carpet Underlay on to a concrete floor, pull back the underlay and using spray adhesive lightly stick the end and sides of the underlay to the floor. For wooden floors use staples to staple the underlay down.

Once completed roll the next piece of underlay out along the side of the fixed piece and once again cut in and fix to the floor. Once that has been done, use carpet underlay tape, to tape the long joint to prevent movement and dust filtration.


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